Sometimes my lawyer friends will give me a compliment about being good at Twitter. Ahhh, that’s sweet! <3

But the truth is, I put less than ten minutes a day into it. Maybe even less than five. And not even everyday all the time… I don’t even have all that many followers. I mean, by most objective criteria, I’m actually pretty shitty at Twitter, LOL.

So, I want to explain how you can be as good (or bad) at Twitter as I am. The thing is, most lawyers struggle with social media, so I guess I’m good at it compared to the masses! Ha!


Probably because I act like me on Twitter. If you look at my account, what comes across is my personality and what I’m interested in professionally – tech, lawyers, and the nonprofit sector (my practice area).

Honestly, that’s all you need to do to be “ok” at Twitter. Be human and care about something. Occasionally let the world know you accomplished something too. That’s good.

Why lawyers suck at Twitter is because they either u se it as a platform to put out crappy ads for their firm (NEWS FLASH: Nobody wants to read that!!) or they are so afraid of showing a personality or alienating a potential client that they barely seem human.

I’m not saying that you should go crazy. Hey, let’s keep your wits about you, but if you just act like a human, it’ll definitely help. Got it?

Okay, now here’s the super magical formula:

  • 3-5x a week, open up the app and scroll through the feed with a cup of coffee.
  • RT a few things you find compelling.
  • Say something genuine once in a while and let folks know if you put out some valuable content or are attending a cool event or conference, etc.

And if you don’t enjoy the format, just don’t use it! Much better to delete your account than to put out garbage (or worse, nothing at all).

Happy tweeting!