Lately I’ve noticed a lot of people are jonesin’ for a fix. A productivity fix.

Yeah, you heard me right. I think people are addicted to learning about productivity. You get into this area of self-improvement or business improvement and just watch your news feed ads fill up with e-commerce people trying to sell you productivity hacks, productivity online courses, shortcuts and software solutions designed to save you time (and make you MILLIONS!!).

It’s like a frickin’ compulsion and I’m kinda tired of it.

You’d think lawyers would be immune from this since we’re so far behind as an industry. But actually, I’ve noticed that we’re kinda the worst. Though this side project (Hack Your Practice) I’ve been doing a lot of teaching CLEs, writing, guesting on podcasts and whatnot.
I’m not really selling anything to speak of, I just want to help lawyers. Help them find tools like the ones I’ve used – things that have transformed my lawyer life from overwhelming to overjoyed.

And overall, it’s been super rewarding.

But. BUT. There’s a certain population of us that go to the CLEs and read the articles or reach out wanting to talk to me and I’ve noticed they don’t actually want to make any change at all. Not deep down.

Deep down they’re just hooked on productivity porn. Yeah I just said that. ????

And you know what I mean – the work life fantasy. The people who are fantasizing about starting a law firm that they’ve never going to do. The person that wants to FEEL like they know what’s cutting edge – but takes zero next steps to use the tools.

Is that you? Be honest. Do you have problems you dream about solving but take no action steps?

I can’t get my head around it. Just being addicted to the idea of change and not making any effort.

But it seems like lots of lawyers are getting stuck at the “thinking about trying things” phase. People love to sit in CLE and hear about all the awesome things tech can do for your practice. But without action, it’s just productivity porn. It’s a work-life fantasy.

I genuinely want to know – does this happen to you? And if it does, where are you getting stuck, why don’t you take the next action?

Let me know at @JessBirken on Twitter – let’s start the conversation. ????