Site Accessibility

Accessibility Information

Hack Your Practice launched in May of 2018 and strives to make the domain more accessible to those with hearing, vision or motor impairments.

There are portions of the design that do not meet the level AA standard of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Our aim is to maintain improved basic menu navigation and labeling in order to provide a smoother navigation experience for visitors using assistive technologies, such as screen-reading software for Web browsing.

General Information

In the development of the website, we worked towards adding a significant number of accessibility features. These features complement the use of assistive technologies and help make the site usable to the broadest possible audience, with or without disabilities.

Users of the JAWS screen reader: Please be aware that JAWS is designed to work best with a Microsoft browser. If you are using JAWS but have selected to use another browser, JAWS may not be able to take advantage of the accessibility features provided within this application.

Visual Design

This site uses Cascading Style Sheets to control all of the presentation. Turning off the style sheet will affect the visual presentation and may affect the functionality of the site for some users.

For users who may have a visual impairment, you can use the contrast button on the left side of the page to toggle between a more easier to read version and the standard version.

Changing Text Sizes

This site CSS uses relative font sizes, compatible with the user-specified ‘text size’ option in visual browsers. If you need to change the text size in your web browser, we have the following tutorials:

As well, you can change the site text size by clicking on the Toggle Font Size button on the left side of the page. This option will swap between the standard site font size, along with an enlarged font size for easy reading.


Images used in this site include a descriptive ‘ALT’ attribute. Those images which are purely decorative or used for layout include a null ‘ALT’ attribute.